Tophane House

Started 09.03.2021
Deadline 30.03.2022


Building Description


Tophane House, which is a two-storey building, is located in Tophane Neighborhood of Alanya district in Antalya province.The building record is in block 409 and parcel 4.

Tophane Neighborhood is one of the two neighborhoods in Alanya Castle today.
It is known that life has continued in the Alanya castle since the 4th century BC, and the place where the settlement is the most is the Tophane Neighborhood.

Almost all of the registered residences that have survived to the present day belong to the Ottoman Period.
One of these structures, Gümrükçüler House, is on the Andızlı Mosque Street front and can be reached by stairs.
On both floors of the building, there are closed spaces built with rubble stone walls with wooden beams at the back, and semi-open spaces built with a wooden frame system in the direction of the landscape.

There is a bedroom, a cistern well and a warehouse behind the semi-open courtyard on the ground floor of the house, which is approximately 240m2 with a floor sitting of 125m2. Behind the semi-open gazebo and living spaces on the upper floor are the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom spaces. With these features, it is a good example of traditional Ottoman houses with “outer sofa”.
The main roof is in the form of a flat roof, and in the front there is a porch roof to protect the living space from the negative effects of natural factors such as sun, rain and wind.

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